5 Best Smart Controlled Shutter Blinds:

According to a Swedish research firm namely Berg Insight, by the year 2020 about 63 million American homes will have transformed into smart homes. From as day-to-day as spying on your dog to lifting the blinds, everything will be remotely controlled. Awe-inspiring, isn’t it? Assuming that the exponential increase in the field of technology has lessened your workload, saved your time by making your life easier and effortless — now is the time you upgraded yourself and paved your way through the trail of smartness where YOU control your mornings. Smart controlled shutter blinds are indeed the beginning of YOUR smarter tomorrow.

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Usually seen in TV commercials and those annoying YouTube advertisements, smart blinds have a wide range of options to choose from — ranging from controlling the smart shades through your cell-phone or a remote to merely using your voice to let the soft beams in. The latter is compatible with various voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Cortana. Smart blinds compatible with voice assistants are pretty much the talk of the town these days. So much so, that even IKEA has started to follow the course.

Now that you get the gist of this extremely valuable product, the question that arises is: why should you be spending your hard-earned money on a set of blinds just because they are called smart? No, Jack, these are not 1600-on-SAT-smart blinds; these are soon-going-to-be-the-mode-of-living-smart blinds. Here’s how smart controlled shutter blinds make your living stress free:

1. If you live somewhere in Florida or Texas where the summer season is almost unbearable, installing air coolers or air conditioners in every corner of the house may not be a great idea. This is where smart blinds kick in. Not only do they block the scorching beams of the Sun, but they are far more effective in keeping your environment cool and maintaining the temperature in peak seasons that most curtains with embellished and bamboozled fabric are unable to do.

2. They ensure that your privacy is not impeached on. How many times has it happened that your annoying neighbor — who you lied to about being at the office — came rushing to your doorway to discuss his same run-of-the-mill stories because he saw you reading Kafka through the window of your living room? A lot of times. Smart blinds keep you covered from unwanted and unsolicited guests and intruders. Stay hidden and safe sophisticatedly.

3. It is high time you bid goodbye to strings and cords. With smart shutter blinds, you are exempted from the risk of your shades’ dangling strings, pulling them up and down, and eventually breaking the cords in some cases. Smart controlled blinds give a sophisticated and refined look to your windows and your home.

4. There are many more advantages of these blinds such as the size, color, and shape of your shades. They come in many varieties depending on your affordability, budget, the direction, and the average size of your house. Moreover, you are also exempted from the struggle of thoroughly cleaning the blinds every week. However, you shouldn’t get the blinds that promise 100% blackout, if you are afraid of the dark.

Questions That You May Have:

After discussing the precise background information and the benefits of smart shutter blinds, here are answers to some general yet important questions that you might have:

1. How Are Smart Blinds Powered?

There are various types of smart blinds and they are powered by various methods. Some of the blinds run on a chargeable motor which consists of a set of batteries; whereas, some smart blinds are operated through remotes like any other electronic appliance. The smartest of all the types is the one that works through voice control assisted by Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. You need a working Wi-Fi for this type of blinds.

2. How Much Do smart Shutter Blinds Cost?

Smart blinds are not that expensive, per se. They can be bought at a price as low as $150. However, if you want to buy a really good set of blinds, then you will perhaps have to spend somewhere between $200 and $500.

Here Are The 5 Best Smart Controlled Shutter Blinds Available On Amazon:

  1. Graywind Motorized Roller Shades
    Graywind is quite a popular name on Amazon. If you are looking for affordable and sustainable quality shades, then with 4.5 overall ratings, these motorized shades offer come with a complete package. These shades are the claimant of 100% blackout of the sunlight. The Vinyl waterproof back of this product works as a thermal insulant which makes it energy-efficient and energy-saving. And, do you know what is awesome? Graywind’s UV resistant fabric material keeps its color from withering away.
    Moreover, their high-quality battery motor works like a Cheetah after merely 6-hours of charging. Environment and user-friendly, Graywind also offers you Graywind smart bridge to use voice assistants to control your shades. To top it all off, not only do these blinds come in several customized colors, but they also come in various customized sizes (inside mount) because Graywind makes sure that you get the best fit.

2. Yoolax Motorized Blackout Window Shades
With an overall of 5 on 5 ratings, these shades are amongst the best on Amazon — affordable and long-lasting. Their polyester blackout fabric makes sure that you remain protected from harmful UV rays and your privacy is not invaded. Yoolax has a durable and quality motor (rechargeable) remote control to give you a better experience and use the energy efficiently. Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, Yoolax has a DIY installation process. Unfortunately, if you are not into assembling stuff, you’ll have to pay extra to get your classy blinds rolling.

Photo by Klim Musalimov on Unsplash

Generally, DIY installation is not a hard nut to crack. There is no rocket science involved. With a few easy steps and the manufacturer’s guide, you can have your smart windows installed. Moreover, Yoolax’s customized creation of these blinds works like cherry on top. If you love paintings, Yoolax is your best choice because the shades’ Water Lillies’ design gives your flooring and walls a unique look and you don’t want to miss out on that, or do you?

3. Keego Motorized Smart Window Roller Blinds
With an overall rating of 4.2, Keego Motorized Smart Roller Blinds have a waterproof polyester fabric. Their high-quality battery has a timer so that you stay undisturbed. Keego smart shutter blinds are easy to control and usually make no noise; however, they are not compatible with voice assistants, and that may be one drawback. Moreover, according to the reviews, some of the Keego blinds have created some sort of noise — not every time though.

Nevertheless, Keego blinds are a great product when it comes to your privacy. They block the Sun’s glare and make sure that you sleep well. You can also use these blinds in your office.

What makes Keego Roller Blinds buyable is their option of availing custom-made blinds. For an inside mount, the minimum blind width should be at least ½” less than and length 2” longer than your window’s size. For an outside mount, however, the width should be 4” wider and the length should be 8” longer than your window’s size.

4. SUNFREE Motorized Roller Shades
These stylish and sleek shades have an overall of 4.4 rating on Amazon with quite satisfactory reviews. They are fully remote controlled and one remote can control up to 15 shades. If yours is not that big a house, you should get SUNFREE because of its high-quality aluminum alloy electric motor and easy to use-friendly nature. Moreover, SUNFREE shades’ quality fabric helps to maintain your room’s temperature to a degree. Furthermore, they are extremely easy to clean. All you need is a duster or a paper towel.

Photo by Ilya Ilford on Unsplash

Moreover, for inside mount installation, your window’s width should be ¼” longer than and the window’s depth should be at least 3” larger than the shade. You can use these shades in both your office and home.

5. PASSENGER PIGEON window shades
With an overall 4.5 rating, these shades are not your casual shades, they are rather your lighten-up-the-mood shades because PASSENGER PIGEON are patterned with 9 different beautiful designs. Coupled with these patterns, these curtains also block UV rays to the maximum and ensure that you live peacefully during cold and hot seasons. Their premium UV protection does not only work in summers but in cold weather as well. However, these shades are not smart. But they can be custom-designed if that makes you happy. They have both inside and outside mounting and options and pretty good reviews as well.

Moreover, if you buy these for your room, you’ll certainly have to wake up for that sunshine vitamin intake because unlike the smart ones, these shades won’t do what you say. The ball’s in your court now.

Amazon has a wide variety of smart controlled shutter blinds. Considering the facts and figures regarding the increase in smart homes and workplaces in upcoming days, it is high time that you started to follow the trend and made your home look plush and spacious. Here is to living smartly!

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