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YPay Financial Services — a digital investment company — and AWT (Army Welfare Trust) Investment Ltd. — a non-banking finance company that manages open and closed end funds have entered into an agreement. AWT — as a finance company — promotes and manages safe and commercial investment strategies that cater to the clients in a more fruitful way. Their partnership aims to promote digital investment in Pakistan. With both AWT and YPay focused on customer convenience, this association is determined to make provisions and cater to customer needs in a superior and more nuanced way.

AWT Investment Ltd. has been doing remarkable work for a very long time. It has been at par with its vision ever since its foundation was laid out. AWT Investment Ltd. brings equity, fixed income and alternative investment strategies to investors. In 2017, AWT — as a holding company — acquired 70% of shares of the management company from Pak Brunei Investment Company Ltd. According to the company’s LinkedIn account, AWT Investment Ltd. looks forward to embarking on the path of multiple business segments such as Mutual Funds, Business Advisory, etc. and partnering with YPay is expected to be prolific for the company. YPay Financial Services — as a new player in the field — is fully equipped to make investing in Pakistan easier. The investment company has already collaborated with NiFT — Pakistan’s largest transactional facilitator. This joint effort of AWT Investment Ltd. and YPay will enable YPay Financial Services to give its customers a reliable and secure payment gateway for their current and future investments in mutual funds.

YPay is a youth-centric financial services provider. Its prime goal is to cater to a significant underlying problem in Pakistan: lack of financial literacy. It’s a digital investment mobile application that enables aspiring investors, people who are paid on a monthly basis, women who run small businesses, students, and anyone who has individual financial needs, to invest in mutual funds. What makes YPay unique is its financial literacy program; free consultancy, and 1 ClickTransfer.

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