How to Become a Freelancer — Steps from Start to Finish you Need to Know:

Are you someone who perceives freelancing as a full-time or part-time money-making opportunity but doesn’t know where to begin? This guide is specifically designed for you. There is absolutely no doubt that freelance marketplaces are growing now more than ever.

With hundreds of thousands of freelancers setting up their gigs and selling their services every day, it is estimated that in America alone, freelancers will constitute about 50.9% of the total U.S workforce. Given below are the steps that you can follow to be a part of this global workforce.

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Make a Firm Decision:

The first and foremost step to start your freelancing career is indeed decision making. Whether you are doing it full-time or part-time, dedicating a fixed amount of time to your work is really important. You will face setbacks, your gigs won’t be ranked at times, you might have to face technical problems, etc.

So, it is essential that you weigh the pros and the cons before stepping into the world of freelancing. And if truth be told, freelancing is not for the complainers or whiners. It is very different from a corporate job where you get a fixed amount of stipend in the form of a salary at the end of every month. Freelancing is time-taking but totally worth it. So, make a decision and stick to it.

Choose the Services you Aim to Sell:

In the freelancing world, you don’t work FOR the client; you work WITH them. You bid to them, and on reaching an agreement, you start selling your services to them.

Your services/niches/skills may vary. As of now, the most in-demand skills are related to data analyzing and data science. However, web development, Amazon FBA, graphic designing, etc., are all equally important and in-demand.

What services you want to provide to your clients depends on you. But it is important that you choose a niche that you are skilled at and a niche that is also high-paying.

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Find THE Platform:

Once you have decided on your niche or the services that you will be selling, finding the perfect marketplace is the next step. Why have I written the in capitals, you ask? That is because there is always that one platform that is the best for you.

Many freelancers don’t get clients on a particular freelancing platform, but when they switch to the next platform, they become top-rated. It is a common phenomenon, which is why it is recommended to try all marketplaces or do thorough and extensive research before you set up your profile on a platform.

Your Portfolio Decides your Freelancing Career:

When you pitch a client, you show them your past work experiences. A good and diverse past working experience has a great scope. It truly makes you stand out from the other candidates that must have applied for the job.

But then there are freelancers who do not have a specific work experience, yet they manage to get the client. However, freelancers with no portfolio don’t have a say in deciding their hourly rate. Due to their lack of experience, there is less room for negotiation.

Therefore, get yourself a portfolio before going into the field. Your portfolio should contain work related to your niche.

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Good Communication Skills are Significant:

This is yet again a very crucial point to notice. Communication is the key to a successful freelance career. If you have got it all — resilience, steadfastness, a perfect platform, a high-paying niche, and a diverse portfolio — but you lack communication skills, there is no way that freelancing will work for you.

In freelancing, you sell your services to the client, but you don’t get paid for those services. You get paid for the results of the services you provide. If your extraordinary writing flair improved your client’s blog, there’s a high chance that your client will give you a tip or increase your hourly rate.

To achieve all this, the right communication is important. The client is hiring you only because they believe you have the skills to solve their problem. So, be humble and work on effective communication and you will make it.


Freelancing is a great career choice if you are willing to invest your time, money, and skills in it. If you think you are not a pro at a niche, there are numerous online courses that you can take and that too, for free. Isn’t that amazing?

Hope that this guideline helped you learn a thing or two about freelancing.

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