All you Need to Know About Sunda Island Kratom

About Sunda Kratom

Planted in and named after the Sunda Islands of Malay archipelago, Sunda Kratom is a strain of red-veined Kratom. Found in the Southeast Asian region of the world, the Sunda Islands are spread far and wide. The present-day countries such as Brunei, East Timor, Malaysia, and Indonesia — have divided the Islands as per the demarcated borders.

The Kratom grown in these Islands are of different types and, quite interestingly, other names as well. The Islands are extremely rich and pretty diverse, for they are home to various mountain ranges, volcanoes, and tropical forests. In fact, most of the Sunda Kratom is exported from the Islands where the populace is quite diverse, mostly consisting of Indonesians and Malaysians. The Islands are also abode to a wide range of flora and fauna — of varying types and kinds.

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How is Sunda Kratom Grown and Produced?

Sunda Kratom is widely used as a sedative by the natives of the Islands. It works as sedatives with varying intensities. It also works as a means to elevate one’s mood, reduce pain, etc. Known by its botanical name — Mitragyna Speciosa, Sunda Kratom is a bunch of tree leaves turned into powder once they are harvested.

Like every plant species, these leaves are grown under certain climatic conditions. For Sunda Kratom to develop, hotness and humidity work the best. The foremost step in the production of these leaves is the coloration and cultivation of the Sundanese strain. The rest of the job is done by chlorophyll and sunlight.

Once the plant is ready to be harvested, the farmers separate the different strains of varying colors. While technology in agriculture is widely used today, traditional practices have resulted in a tastier product.

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What does Sunda Kratom Taste Like?

Mitragyna naturally tastes bitter. In fact, its bitterness signifies that it is authentic. However, vendors use herbs, flavors, and different edibles to reduce bitterness.

The Three Grades that help you Choose Sunda Kratom:

  • The original leaves have to come from the Sunda Islands. So, before you buy it, make sure you know where it is coming from.
  • Rich alkaloid contents are one of the main qualities that differentiate between the fake and the original. Alkaloid is a chemical compound richly found in Kratom leaves.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Kratom is of different kinds depending on their chroma. The color of the Kratom can be seen through the veins of its leaves. This also serves as a grade that can help you choose the best Mitragyna.
Photo by bady abbas on Unsplash

Different types/Varieties of Sunda strains

The naturally growing leaves are available in three varying colors:

  • Red
  • White
  • Green

Red Sunda:

  • The red Sunda leaves, although green, are tinted with red.
  • Once harvested and ground, the powder of these leaves appears to be of reddish-green contrast.
  • This strain of Kratom can be used in beverages and different types of fluids.

How Can I Use Red Sunda Kratom (powders, capsules, chips, extracts, and specialty blends)?

The red Sunda can be used in the form of powders, capsules, or jars, depending on what’s more feasible to you and what suits you better.

Tea turtle. I'm a 19-year old F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. Buzzinga. I love Shamy more.

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Sara Illahi

Sara Illahi

Tea turtle. I'm a 19-year old F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan. Buzzinga. I love Shamy more.

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