What Makes Harry Styles the Most Loved 1D Member?

Sara Illahi
3 min readJun 11, 2024


Boy bands come and go. Only a few of them end up leaving a deep cultural impact. And for the band members to make it big solo after the band breaks up? That is tougher than winning a lottery.

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Founded in 2010, One Direction or 1D is one such rare band that took the world by storm. It has almost 40 million Spotify listeners today. That’s 4 times more than Sweden’s total population.

While the band members went separate ways after 2016, one of them found his way to crazy, crazy popularity. Guess who? That’s right. None other than Harry Styles — the man, the myth, the legend — who is loved and adored by hundreds of millions worldwide.

Styles’ fans, Harries, have sold out his shows in minutes, camped outside venues he performed at, streamed his albums billions of times, and taken over TikTok trends. But why? What does Styles have that the other ex-1D singers don’t? Let’s get into it.

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It is true that 1D, a band, became 1D, a sensation and a feeling, because of young teenage girls gushing over the band members, in their rooms, on their iPads. Styles had fans then. He has fans now. But we have some solid reasons that explain his incredible stardom today.

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For one, Styles has built a strong connection with his audience through his music, his acting stint, performances, and public persona. This connection, coupled with his positivity, kindness, whimsical sense of humor, and no-filter attitude in a Snapchat world, has increased his fanbase.

Secondly, he is a fascinating celebrity, someone who does not shy away from donning shiny and bedazzled gender non-conforming clothes. Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin while challenging gender constructs is a positive quality that many of his young fans find inspiring.

Thirdly, Styles’ fans find him ridiculously handsome. In fact, there is a scientific study that reveals that he has the world’s most beautiful eyes and chin. Girls, that’s a damn good piece of evidence right there for anyone who says your Harry ain’t that attractive.

While his outward personality is definitely interesting and exciting, his personal life and relationships have also kept him in the limelight. In 2012, he started dating Taylor Swift, possibly one of the greatest female pop icons we have today. Their relationship was short-lived but it gained Styles popularity among Swifties. Styles is also said to have had a romantic relationship with Kendall Jenner in 2013 as they were spotted together multiple times. This led to more and more people knowing about him.

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While all these factors do make Styles the number one 1D member, he is also a dedicated artist. In fact, he was named as one of Britain’s most hard-working musicians in 2022. Not to mention his great vocals for which he has been nominated several times for different awards. And these are some reasons why Harry Styles, compared to other 1D members, has a bigger fandom today.



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