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About Us

Our Beginning — the Realization

Welcome to Your Construction Company. Thanks for visiting our site. It must be clear from the visuals on our website that we are a mechanical & electrical construction company. Our company came into form because we saw a tremendous need for renovation in rental houses. In a Statista Research Department report from 2015, 21% of people in the U.K. faced plumbing issues, 17% had heating and hot water supply problems, and about 13% had wiring problems in a 12-month period.

These people, who have to bear the brunt of revamping their rented houses, are most of the time belonging to the middle-tier of the population — the working class. The overhauling process of a rental house can be extremely costly. Our company recognized this problem and found a gap in construction services providers who are affordable, approachable, and also empathetic to their customers.

The Solution — What We Provide

As modern humans of a modern and progressive world, we find solutions to everything. To address the dire need for affordable construction, our company was founded to serve as your stress Shamwow when it comes to problems in either the electrons of your house’s electricity supply or a massive leakage in your kitchen sink. Sustained and supported by a super experienced team of members led by an adept head, Your Construction Company has worked tirelessly in the mechanical & electrical construction fields since then.

Our company also deals with bigger construction projects because we intend to make a lucrative mechanical & electrical construction market. As of 2019, the number of plumbing and HVAC contractors in the U.K. has only grown 1.5%, the lowest of all years. Moreover, the U.K. market compared to Europe is not that biggest. This, consequently, affects other industries, and we intend to fill this gap by providing top-notch services and growing as a firm.

Our Supply and M&E Spaces (Terraces)

Apart from providing on-demand and budget-friendly services, our company specializes in supplying a workforce of certified and skilled plumbers, labourers, carpenters, ground workers, and drivers for heavy machinery when it comes to heavy-duty projects related to mechanical & electrical construction. Our organization also has several M&E divisions. As per the Landscaping for Urban Spaces and High-Rise (LUSH) program, activity-generating and sustainability-related uses are encouraged on the rooftops of either commercial buildings or residential houses undergoing significant additions and overhauling. Therefore, we also provide M&E rooftops or terraces.

Our Achievements

With over 15 years of experience as a qualified electrician followed by six years in recruitment supply, the CEO of Your Construction Comapny has been a provider to and has fit-out some of the most important and revered contractors in the U.K. Within just one year of our company’s establishment, we have 21 completed projects, 832 appointed contractors and one award under our belt. Got a construction work done? Contact us right now for more details.


As mentioned in our About Us section, we aim to facilitate the community’s people by providing top-tier services in their desired budget. Given the challenging situation due to the COVID-19, things have fallen apart for both contractors, would-be prospect customers, and construction companies.

With our construction services, we intend to change the market dynamics with our new methods that are suitable for the new world. As a company, we take excellent care of our workers and team members so that they get your job done in the most efficient and timely manner.

When it comes to construction-related work, we provide different packages to our revered contractors and customers. We’re assertive in what we say because we take pride in our workers and labourers. As a business, we understand the psyche of our customers. A leakage somewhere in the house or a dysfunctional water heater can cost a family’s sanity and, at times, their life too. Therefore, we make sure that our work is reliable so that our customer remains safe and healthy.

For each of our projects, we assign a team. Our team members are well-versed and well-behaved employees who are also experts in their field of work. Teams are made as per the client’s requirements — the more complex your work, the bigger and more skilled the team. Should you have any queries, you can always contact our strong customer service for more details.

Mechanical & Electrical

When it comes to mechanical & electrical services then here’s a list of divisions that are included in M&E services:

1. Chemical dosing systems

2. Pump repair and refurbishment

3. Engineering design

4. Installation and maintenance

5. Electrical services

6. Project management

7. Pump efficiency testing

8. Energy management

Our company covers all eight aspects of mechanical & electrical services. What really makes us stand apart is our trustworthiness, honesty with our customers, and that we are constantly striving for better options, better innovations that are less time-taking and more effective. Moreover, we tend to go into the depth of the problem to attack the root cause. We believe that the majority often tends to take mechanical & electrical services for granted. The truth is that if left unattended for longer, these faults and issues can end up costing a fortune.

As a reader, you’d relate to the situation when a plumber fixes your water pipes or overhauls the wiring of your place, and the issue resurfaces after some time. To us, at Your Construction Company, this is the lowest precedent.

Therefore, our selection criteria when it comes to the workers are demanding and rigorous. We make sure that the people our company employs are aware of all aspects of mechanical & electrical services other than mastering in their own field, whether pump repairing or chemical dosing systems.

To supervise our workers and teams, we have a competent general manager who looks after the customers and the services that we provide to them. This shows that we take customer feedback very strictly and try to better our services accordingly. For queries and bookings, contact us NOW!



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