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As of now, Pakistan’s investment portfolio is one of the lowest investment portfolios in the world. Despite having the youth as the most considerable portion of the populace, Pakistan has the most insufficient investment to GDP ratio (15%) than some of the world’s underdeveloped countries such as Nigeria (19%). About 50% of Pakistan’s total population (100m adults) has no access to formal and regulated financial services. Moreover, when it comes to women, the percentage falls way below the belt. The level of financial literacy in Pakistan is so low that only 13% of the total youth has formal bank accounts. Lack of financial literacy adds to a lack of investment, consequently increasing economic disparity and degrading the economy.

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By now, you must have had some idea of the worsening economic condition of Pakistan. Now, when it comes to educating people about financial literacy, educational institutions, telecommunication departments of the country, etc., play a pivotal role. Given the general literacy ratio of Pakistan, the educational institutions are clearly not doing their job correctly. Therefore, YPay Financial Services jumps in to cater to the underlying problem: the lack of financial literacy in Pakistan.

YPay is a digital investment application that enables aspiring investors, people who are paid on a monthly basis, women who run small businesses, students, and anyone who has individual financial needs, to invest in mutual funds. YPay Financial Services’ application, in collaboration with various economic bigwigs of Pakistan such as Al-Meezan, HBL, UBL, etc., allows one to explore different kinds of mutual funds and directly invest in the funds of their choice, all in a single go through YPay Financial Services’ mobile application.

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There are multiple digital investment applications in the country, but why should you choose YPay Financial Services? YPay Financial Services’ competitors are old and experienced players in the field, but YPay’s agenda is what truly makes it unique. For example, almost all the digital investment platforms have mobile applications, and they prefer completely paperless working just like YPay does; however, YPay goes beyond paperless working. YPay has a financial literacy program; it offers free consultancy and enables users to benefit from 1 ClickTransfer. YPay financial services gives extreme importance and significance to user experience and the promotion of financial literacy. These are some of the significant features of YPay Financial Services that make it stand out.

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With YPay’s financial literacy program, which is also one of the main features of YPay, you can get as much knowledge as you want to acquire about mutual funds and investment and aim bigger with your expertise and experience.

The free consultation of YPay works as a bonus for YPay’s customers. Therefore, before investing in any funds, you can be guided by our top financial experts. This feature also helps you make informed decisions instead of reactive decisions.

So, have you downloaded YPay Financial Services’ digital mobile application yet?

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